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Today, I'm here to talk about something really serious : Racism.

Thus, I'm gonna tell you a story who happened recently. (Sorry for my vulgar vocabulary)

A black teenager and her mom were at the supermarket. They were heading to the checkout and a man was standing near it. He wasn't in the line, he was NEAR it. Suddenly, he started to scream : "Hey, I was there before you!!! I pass you!".  The mother said softly : "Sorry, I dind't know because you seem to be waiting for someone. Sorry again." Thereafter, the man started to insult that woman : "You're a b****, fool!!! You could not see with you big glasses!!". The mom was also really angry. Then, that mat pronounce those awful words "WE'RE NOT IN AFRICA HERE!" (The man was black too, he was creole). The young girl tried to defend her mother and said : "Have you ever been in Africa to judge people? Who are your ancestors in your opinion? Gallics? I don't think so." After those words, that mister left.

By the way, this black teenager, it was me.

This article is a call for help. Please never judge someone for their origins, their skin coulour. Everyone is equal even the outside is different. You have to accept it. Those different cultures make our world more beautiful.

Our world is full of ignorant people, and we have to change that.

I hope this article will be read by a lot of people to change their mind about racism.

Don't be ashamed of what you look like because the most important is what you got inside you.

BYE <3 (A little thought for Charleston victims)

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